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REST service for Text annotation

1. Select dictionaries

Select Reset

2. Specify options

3. Generate URL

!. You can POST a piece of text to the URL, to get annotations based on the dictionaries.

for example
curl -d text="example text" URL
curl -H "content-type:application/json" -d '{"text":"example text"}' URL

Explanation of options
Annotation strategy:
Use the exact string matching or the approximate string matching to annotate text.

The minimum (maximum) number of tokens :
Specify the minimum (maximum) number of tokens to generate strings consisting of k (min <= k <= max) tokens from input text. These strings will be annotated if they exist in a specified dictionary.

Use this value as the threshold (0.0 < threshold <= 1.0) for approximate matching.

Output limit:
Limit the number of annoations (n) for each text span (string). In exact matching, first n annotations will be returned, whereas, in approximate matching, n annotations of the highest similarity scores will be returned. If it is 0, all results will be returned.