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Dictionary name: EDAM-Topics



EDAM topics as defined in the EDAM ontology

Entry nameIDLabel
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Computer programming engineering
Computer science science
Content management management
CpG island and isochores island and isochores
CpG islands factors and regulatory sites
Critical care medicine care medicine
Crystallography diffraction
Data acquisition acquisition
Data analysis architecture, analysis and design
Data architecture architecture, analysis and design
Data architecture, analysis and design architecture, analysis and design
Database administration management
Database curation submission, annotation and curation
Database management management
Databases management
Data clean-up quality management
Data design architecture, analysis and design
Data enrichment quality management
Data governance governance
Data identity and mapping identity and mapping
Data integration integration and warehousing
Data integration and warehousing integration and warehousing
Data integrity quality management
Data maintenance management
Data management management
Data mining mining
Data privacy security
Data quality quality management