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Dictionary name: EDAM-Topics



EDAM topics as defined in the EDAM ontology

Entry nameIDLabel
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Clinical immunology, clinical immunology and immunotherapeutics.
Clinical informatics informatics
Clinical medicine
Clinical studies and clinical studies
Clinical study and clinical studies
Clone library library
Coding RNA transcripts
Coding RNA RNA
Codon usage expression
Codon usage analysis codes and codon usage
Co-immunoprecipitation interaction experiment
Communicable disease disease
Community genomics
Comparative genomics genomics
Comparative modeling modelling
Comparative modelling modelling
Comparative transcriptomics
Complementary medicine medicine
Compound libraries and screening libraries and screening
Compound library libraries and screening
Computational biology biology
Computational chemistry chemistry
Computational ecology
Computational immunology
Computational pharmacology
Computational structural biology analysis
Computational toxicology
Computer graphics visualisation