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Dictionary name: EDAM-Topics



EDAM topics as defined in the EDAM ontology

Entry nameIDLabel
931-960 / 1054 show all
Somatic mutations variation
Specific protein protein resources
Specific protein resources protein resources
Specimen collections collections
Splice sites splicing
Splice sites sites
Statistics and probability
Statistics and probability and probability
Stem cell research medicine
Structural (3D) profiles (3D) profiles
Structural assignment biology
Structural bioinformatics analysis
Structural biology biology
Structural clustering clustering
Structural determination biology
Structural genomics genomics
Structural motifs structural motifs and surfaces
Structural profiles (3D) profiles
Structural variation structural variation
Structure alignment alignment
Structure analysis analysis
Structure classification clustering
Structure comparison comparison
Structure databases analysis
Structure databases databases
Structure database search database search
Structure data resources databases
Structure data resources analysis
Structure determination biology